Over $180,000 In Scholarships Awards In 2016 Season –

The Community Foundation of St. Clair County has announced more than $180,000 in scholarship awards for the 2016 season, and 18 of the 86 total recipients are first generation college students.  The favorite college of choice was SC4 with 15 students, followed closely by the University of Michigan with 14 students.  Grand Valley State University jumped over Michigan State to become the 3rd most popular college of choice.  “This is an exciting time of year for our donors,” said Jackie Hanton, the Foundation’s vice president.  “Our donors are strong advocates for post-secondary education and these scholarships help offset the growing burden of student debt.”  St. Clair High School senior, Alexis Smith, received the Foundation’s most prestigious award.  She is a highly regarded swimmer from St. Clair and will be attending the (con;t)
Another WGRT Winner!
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